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Save 10% with an annual agreement!

Go with Rebel & Save:

Save thousands of dollars over the life of your server at Rebel! Compare 3 years against GoDaddy with Fully Managed Service at 1 Year Renewal Terms

Rebel IST Server 3 Year Cost GoDaddy Server 3 Year Cost Total Savings!
Fully Managed Service Included
Total: $6496.20
$180.45 / month
Plus $120 / month for Fully Managed Service
Total: $10559.64
$239.99 / month first year price, $319.99 / month after
Fully Managed Service Included
Total: $7565.40
$210.15 / month
Plus $120 / month for Fully Managed Service
Total: $11639.64
$269.99 / month first year price, $349.99 / month after
Fully Managed Service Included
Total: $9055.80
$251.55 / month
Plus $120 / month for Fully Managed Service
Total: $13079.64
$289.99 / month first year price, $399.99 / month after
Fully Managed Service Included
Total: $11259.00
$312.75 / month
Plus $120 / month for Fully Managed Service
Total: $15719.64
$309.99 / month first year price, $499.99 / month after

Additional Feature Comparisons:

Rebel IST


Fully Managed Service


+$120 / mo

Windows Server 2016


Not Available

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Editions


Not Available


Competitor price comparisons are accurate as of September 25, 2017. This tool gives the best estimate of savings and does not offer any guarantees or assurances.

GoDaddy is a registered trademark of GoDaddy Inc. and has no affilliation with Rebel Internet Systems & Technologies.


All of our host systems are configured with:

  • Intel Xeon 1220 V3 3.1GHz CPU
  • 32GB RAM
  • 1TB SSDs (RAID 1)

This configuration ensures optimum performance, speed and redundancy. By default, each dedicated server comes with Windows Server 2016 installed. However, should you require a previous version of Windows Server, we can accommodate your needs!

Our servers are owned by us and operated from a Tier 4 datacenter outside of metropolitan Cleveland, OH. Cleveland offers a perfect location for datacenters as it's geologically stable and relatively safe from natural disasters.

Tier 4 datacenters offer 99.995% guaranteed uptime and are designed to host mission critical servers and computer systems, with fully redundant subsystems and compartmentalized security zones controlled by biometric access methods.

All of our servers come with:

Better Backup

We take a backup of all of our virtual servers every 48 hours. Enhanced backup solutions are available to provide long term redundancy.

Enhanced Security

We include several security enhancements with all of our virtual servers. Enhancements such as dual layer firewalls with DDoS protection, plus independent networking to ensure your data is isolated and safe. Symantec hosted security suite available for additional fees.

Managed Service

Our team will install, configure, and patch the operating system to ensure your environment is up to date and secure. We will install and configure your web and application services, databases, and programming environment frameworks such as .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, MSSQL, and MySQL.

SQL Database

We will install Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express or MySQL 5 Server at your request. We also offer Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Web Edition and Standard Edition for additional fees.

Migration Assistance

Our team will assist you with the migration process of your sites and data from any environment ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

Architecture Assistance

Personalized guidance, designing, and architecting a server environment that meets your needs. Our clients enjoy stable and affordable service that can be easily scaled.

Windows Server

All of our virtual servers run Windows. By default, all new virtual servers will come with Windows Server 2016 installed, but we also provide previous versions of Windows Server if needed.

Control Panel

Where appropriate our engineers will install a white label web based control panel to facilitate easy self service to manage your server using an intuitive WEB GUI control panel.

♦ Bandwidth limits are considered soft-caps. We do not actively monitor data usage and will only contact account owners if a server is found to be consuming significantly more than the soft-cap for their server.