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Each secure shared hosting account includes:

better backup

Comprehensive backup of applications and databases included. Free assistance with restoration should something go wrong. By default, we take daily backups and keep them for 14 days.

enhanced security

We configure application pools independently so that all websites are protected in our secure shared web hosting environment. We also rely on dual layer firewalls with DDoS protection, plus independent networking to ensure your data is isolated and safe.

managed service

Our team will help install applications and configure frameworks such as .NET and PHP. In addition, our expert support staff is always available to help set up databases and retrieve backups as needed.

secure database

We offer support for both Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases with remote access for easy management. Whether you need a new database or have an existing database that needs transferred, we have you covered.

migration assistance

Our team will assist you with the migration process of your sites and data from any environment ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

web mail

By default, each Secure Cloud account includes SmarterMail secure web mail service with no limit on the number of mailboxes. Hosted Exchange and Office365 accounts are also available for additional fees.

windows server

All of our shared servers are powered by Windows with IIS utilizing the latest ASP.NET and PHP frameworks, as well as MSSQL and MySQL database architectures.

control panel

All accounts will have access to our secure control panel to enable easy management of your web sites, databases and email.

♠ We do not actively monitor or limit bandwidth. In the rare occasion an account is found to be using an unusually high amount of bandwidth or affecting the performance of other accounts, we will contact the account owner to resolve the issue.