what we’re all about

Information technology is a cornerstone of most our lives. For some of us, IT is our livelihood. We rely on it to maintain our web presence, communications, shopping, and an ever-growing amount of our business operations. So why is it that managing all this IT has to be so cumbersome?

Web developers, hobbyists, sole-proprietors, and all others who rely on web hosting are familiar with the world of cheap domains and hosting packages. What you’re also familiar with is the lack of support when things go wrong. Sure, you can call in and they can help you figure out your billing or upgrade you to a newer, faster, more expensive hosting package. But what if you lost your backups, your site was hacked, or you installed a plugin and broke your site? Unless you’re paying for managed service, the responsibility of fixing these issues falls on you.

Being in web development ourselves, we found that there was a void in the realm of support amongst the competition. That’s when we decided to take matters into our own hands. We take your concerns and needs seriously. Whether you need your site restored or can’t figure out why your images aren’t displaying, our support staff is there to help. We share in the responsibility of maintaining your site.

At Rebel IST, we focus on support and service first. Unlike other web hosting providers, we approach our clients as a full fledged IT company. Not only do we provide the infrastructure to host your site, but we also have the experience and knowledge to troubleshoot any issue you’re having and we do it whether you’re enrolled in managed service or not. Our team of technicians and developers will work hands-on with you to solve any problem, whether it’s an unresponsive site or an error in your code.

So, if you value dedicated support and quality of service over cheap domains and web hosting packages, then Rebel IST is the choice for you. Become a Rebel today!

We’re experts when it comes to developing an interface and an experience. Your users shouldn’t need to think when they land on your site, they should just be able to go. The only way to accomplish that is through an intuitive interface and meaningful experiences on both desktop and mobile throughout their visit. This is what will keep them coming back.