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Helping you develop your new mobile app is what we live for!

iOS, CBD, JAVA, whatever technology you need we have the talent and the infrastucture to develop your new App! Whether it be an innovative game, a sales tool for your team, or a better widget - our team is willing and able to help you realize your vision!

Benefits of Mobile Development with Rebel:

Form & Function

A functional and usable mobile app matching your business needs, requirements and expectations.

Flexible Architecture

Open standards designed allowing for future phases of development.

Simple Upkeep

Reduce your cost of ownership. We make app maintenance and upgrades easy by utilizing component based development (CBD).

Quick Turnaround

We have a trove of pre-developed components, such as contact forms, for faster development. No time wasted figuring out how to make it work!


Our process is open and upfront from our initial consultation to your user testing.


Best Practice QA procedures throughout the entire project to ensure quality and on-time completion.

Easy Deploy

Easily integrated into our Secure Cloud for seamless operation and deployment.

Endless Support

Ongoing support & maintenance with the products and tools keep your App running.

Get in touch:

It all starts with a conversation. Reach out to us today and let us know how we can help you!