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This is what we do:

Why Rebel?


Rebel has a strong team of experienced web developers, designers, cybersecurity specialists, IT technicians, and hosting solutions engineers. We understand how to support you and your business on the web with minimal downtime and maximum success.


Our cybersecurity team actively monitors the threat level out in the world wide web and are constantly working behind the scenes to ensure that our services and customers remain uninterrupted and safe from ransomware and cyber theft.


We’re innovators at heart. No problem is too big and no design is too complicated. Our founders are educated in the systems and processes of Innovation Engineering and have the skillset and tools to help you develop a strategic mission for any goal and a set of processes to see it through.

Customer Service

We believe in the power of kindness, cordiality and partnership. Customers who switch to Rebel can’t say enough good things about the level of support and quality of communication that goes into every inquiry.

Some of our Work:

Each project is unique and requirements vary, but one thing always remains the same - our design and development capabilities.

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